October 22, 2014
Re: The X-Files

Season 2 does really ramp up the creepitude, which I appreciate, but I wish they’d do it without being extra up-front with the aliens.

Early on, the not-quite-ness of alien reveals was awesome. There was that one end of that one season one episode where Mulder’s gone scurrying into the depths of a restricted access building and he and us are so sure he’s about to see one clearly…and then he encounters Deep Throat, and is told it’s too late, the creature is dead, and Mulder turns to look through the glass into a hospital-esque room, and our eyes automatically orient on the cot in the middle and it’s just…empty, and impeccably made. The rise and drop-off of expectation was palpable and perfectly executed. And then there was the season two premiere, where we get the flashback to his sister’s abduction, and child-Mulder looks up at the open doorway and sees this humanoid creature too brightly backlit to be clearly seen but with utterly inhuman proportions, and it was intense and horrifying and well-fucking-done. Just that vague outline of an alien was, after all that almost-but-not-quite season one buildup, awesome.

And I was hoping they’d keep stretching it, only giving us scraps here and there, but now we’re on episode five of the second season and this dude’s PTSD flashbacks feature the bug-eyed little fucks clear as day, and…okay. I mean, sure, I guess.

October 21, 2014
indie horror game writers room


writer guy #1: so what should we add guys. im thinking…. asylums. crazy people are scary. REAL scary. little kids singing public domain songs a cappella is real scary too.

writer guy #2: i dunno… i mean, can’t we just, you know, like actually design a monster this time? and give it a backstory?

writer guy #1: ………… …….. ……………………………… .. ………………………… anyways, the screen should cut to static when you lose.

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October 21, 2014
say нет to het

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October 21, 2014





Holy s hit this actually looks so cool and the naimations are better and om g i’m gonna die of scared

…… I am not ready.

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October 21, 2014
Flaredown - Decode Your Chronic Illness



Flaredown is a web site and mobile app that lets your track your chronic illness and figure out triggers so you can reduce your flares before they ever begin.

It’s a spoonie-centric approach to figuring out what works. You can track your illness, and bring your data into your doctor. You can talk with other spoonies who have your condition and see what works for them. You can talk about drugs and see if the side effects are worth the benefits of medication.

it’s banding together in spite of illnesses that seek to isolate us.

it’s bringing light to symptoms that are not understood by doctors.

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October 21, 2014


oh you’re watching sword art online? i love that anime. the way they [clenches fist] sexualize every female character and turn them into disposable plot devices for their generic cookie cutter male protagonist

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October 21, 2014
Replace the vowels in your URL with “oodle”

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October 21, 2014

I have internet security software that makes me invisible to pageview trackers (StatCounter and the like), but I always disable it when clicking through to the blogs of folks I follow because it feels like that’s only polite. I also have the Xkit extension that enables me to read read-mores on-dash, and I use it pretty much always because consistent font and formatting are bliss, but once I’m done reading, I’ll still click through for a second and disable my digital invisibility cloak so that, in case the blogger has a pageview tracker, they’ll still be able to know what’s up if they care to check.

I dunno, it feels reasonable.

October 21, 2014

I was feeling so good and clearheaded yesterday evening and this early afternoon (and I’m sure the only reason this morning isn’t included is because I was asleep), but now it’s all catching up to me and I’m exhausted and sliding back into loop-prone brain normal.

Last night was…definitely not vanilla brain, but it was so good that I really don’t give a fuck. This morning felt like vanilla, though. I wasn’t flying absurdly high, but I felt okay and was able to focus and do things and enjoy myself. It’s like I zoomed upwards all of a sudden and then floated back down and got to chill a bit in Normal Brain Zone on the way. It was nice, and I really wish it wouldn’t go away.

But hey, I’ll be meeting the brain analysis folks again in exactly two weeks, and hopefully they’ll have a decent idea of what’s going on with me and can direct me towards tools that’ll help me get closer to that state more often.

In the meantime, videogames, because I always have trouble sticking with ‘em and I wanna seize on these last scraps of self-motivation to do something nice.

October 21, 2014


The X-Files episode where digital readouts are compelling people to do horrible things is some SCP shit.


Like, most of the episodes are a little slower than this, a little more cerebral, a little heavier on exposition. Which is good and fine and fun! But this one’s just like, “CHOP CHOP FUCKERS #VIOLENCE AND INABILITY TO TRUST YOURSELF LET’S GO,” and it’s a fun change of pace.