April 22, 2014
Muffin Tips


Tip 1. You can freeze muffins. They freeze super well actually, just don’t microwave them to thaw them.
This can be super spoon friendly if you need a quick and easy breakfast. I double the muffin recipe and freeze a dozen so that I can take the frozen muffins to school, by my break period my muffins have defrosted and I put no effort into making breakfast. 

Tip 2. This is more of a cool tip than anything else, but if you use frozen fruit in your muffins that is beginning to thaw the muffins turn colors. Blueberries are sort of greenish blue and raspberries are sort of dark red. 

April 22, 2014
If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

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April 22, 2014



yo Laverne Cox dropped from number 1 on that Time’s poll and Benedict Cumberbatch is beating her out by 400 votes cmon everyone go vote for her!!!


April 22, 2014

(Couple new pictures up on nudeblag btw)

April 22, 2014

[ #food ]

When I went to visit Z last month, there was one point early on where he went on a shopping trip without me. One of the things he got was butter, which we noticed was weirdly yellow and which I later saw on the packaging was sweet cream butter.

"Why did you get sweet cream butter?"

"It was the only unsalted butter they had."

"Why did you get unsalted butter?"

"I dunno, I always get unsalted butter. When I was little, I went grocery shopping with my mom and picked up a stick of butter and said, ‘Do we get this one?’ and she said, ‘No, that’s salted butter, salted butter is horrible.’ So I always get unsalted."

"Hm, okay."

Then, a couple days later:

"[me talking about more grocery shopping]…and I know it’s unlikely, but I’m gonna see if they have just, like, single sticks of salted butter."

"Why do you want salted butter?"

"I don’t like unsalted butter."

"…oh….I’m sorry."

And…thinking back on that, I get weirdly squishy. In a good way. Because that’s such a significant undercurrent in cultivating an intimate relationship, especially one that involves cohabitation. Seeking out the dozens of itty bitty things that we grew up with and take for granted as part of a household, the stuff that’s so innocuous and ingrained that we don’t even think about it until we run up against a completely contrary assumption from our partner, and then figuring out how to conduct ourselves from there on out so everyone’s content…it’s important, and a pretty consistent aspect of these types of relationships, and it hits me right in the (figurative) domesticity fetish.

I can’t wait to move in with him and feel out those incongruous bits and smooth them out and synch up our day-to-days so we can easily go about our lives while keeping each other within arm’s reach and not have those things grate against each other. Z is so incredibly precious to me, and so is the rest of what I’ve got going on, and to be able to have him and the rest of my life at once sounds like absolute bliss. I can’t wait to not have to choose between being productive with my weekend or gallivanting off to spend it with him. I can’t wait to be able to do laundry and watch TV with him at the same time. I can’t wait to wake up next to him and go grocery shopping and then come back to him. I can’t wait to spontaneously decide to treat myself to a smoothie on the way home from being out and about and be able to call him to see if he wants me to grab him anything. I can’t wait to be suddenly struck by the urge and energy to cook something and be able to make some for him too, either fresh or to leave him as a nice small, “Hey, you continue to sit always in the back of my thoughts,” when he’s next home/awake/whatever. I can’t wait. I love him so much.

…It’s weird as hell that recalling a moment of absent-mindedness over butter can send me into fits of squishy affection, but I’m not complaining. It makes sense in my head.

April 22, 2014

I’ve been so tired for the past weekish. I leave for work in like 15 minutes and am already anticipating coming home and going to bed.

Lines up with me stopping Concerta, so maybe my body adjusted to the daily zap of stimulants and now suddenly finds itself floundering around with less energy after they’re taken away. Or it could be a depression thing, but I dunno, that’s usually, “Stay in bed because everything looks like shit from where I’m sitting so we might as well go back to sleep,” this is more, “Stay in bed because your eyelids feel heavy and your brain feels sluggish and oh hey this is normal tiredness would you look at that, how mundane.”

April 22, 2014

Thing from a dream.
Stars from http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/


Thing from a dream.

Stars from http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/

April 22, 2014
"yes, denny’s lost a $54 million law suit for being anti-black."

here’s another source.

ETA: i’m going to affix my second post here, because this has gone a little viral, without the best sources. bear in mind, my initial discussion of this topic began as a response to props for the denny’s tweet about coachella and its implied wrongs of cultural appropriation.

i did ask everyone to complete further research. thus far, i’m seeing reblogs, but no further comments. c’mon, now. like certain agencies and news outlets, i withheld pertinent information about this case, hoping you jovenes would go find it. no? seriously? why not.

okay. did you find the fact that the head of the DOJ’s civil right’s division, deval l. patrick, remarked at the time, that this was the largest and broadest settlement ever paid under federal public accommodation laws? those were federal laws—not state statutes—enacted over 70 years ago, now, to end segregation in restaurants and other public places serving the public.

so, what actually happened, to bring denny’s to the attention of the DOJ’s civil rights division (and: did you know the DOJ has a civil rights division, with various branches, including housing?). 

majority of the claims came from black customers. this included a black federal judge from houston, traveling with his wife, who was forced to wait nearly an hour—while white patrons were served, and white teens taunted the black couple with the word “n*****.” no one from the staff did a damned thing.

one of the first complaints came in 1991 from a group of 18 young black men, who were asked to pay before service, at a denny’s in san jose, california. the men complied—but they also filed a suit against denny’s.

in 1993 (some articles have the date wrong), uniformed members of president clinton’s u.s. secret service were refused service in Annapolis, by a white waitress, because they were black; meanwhile their white secret service counterparts were seated and served. the black agents filed a complaintand one denny’s corporate public relations offices obviously couldn’t ignore.

1997 saw the rabid beatings of 6 Asian American students from syracuse university. after the standard treatment of denny’s “wait while we serve the whites,” the students complained to the management and their server, so were forced to leave the restaurant by security called by the manager. the students stated a group of white men then emerged from the restaurant and attacked them while shouting racial slurs. several of the asian students were left unconscious

what denny’s paid was a class action lawsuit for racial discrimination. claims proven during that case were settled, by any person of color (called a “minority,” in the suit). the overwhelming majority of those who had proven claims were black customers. denny’s clearly had an overall agenda upholding white supremacy.

ironically (and sadly), after the $54.4 million settlement, the restaurant chain went all out to win back its percentage of people of color—especially its former 10% black customer base. their public relations department featured sherman hemsley and isabel sanford, in one television commercialFortune magazine selected denny’s as “best company for minorities” in 2001; Black Enterprise gave top space for the chain in their “best companies for diversity,” in 2006 and 2007. read more about the effects of denny’s “grand slam” advertising, by doing some research. seriously *s

now consider why denny’s has its public relations department sending out these bold "calling out" messages, that manage to "raise awareness" about cultural appropriation. even for some of us who are critical of the tweets, there’s the thought that, “it’s not a bad idea.” well, it worked, didn’t it? mm.



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I called out their motives the other day, didn’t I? 

I said they was apologizing for not letting Black folks eat, lol.


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April 22, 2014
Fake Cuban Sandwiches


It’s really a glorified ham&swiss sandwich, but this is something my brother loved to make when we were working from home and lacked the time/energy for cooking something complex for lunch, but wanted something a bit more sophisticated-feeling than plain sandwiches or canned meals.  I’ve been making it a lot lately because I get a killer craving for actual Cuban sandwiches but the one Cuban restaurant in my town is expensive as heck.  


  • Bread (I tend to buy sourdough for all my sandwich needs, but whatever you like to use will work - I even make a wrap version for my roommate who can’t have bread)
  • Sliced ham
  • Swiss cheese slices
  • Dill pickles (I buy them in a “chip” cut, but any style so long as it fits on the sandwich works)
  • Mustard
  • Mayo (optional)
  • Butter or something else to grease your pan


  • Knife for spreading toppings
  • A pan
  • A big plate or second pan (my brother has cast iron frying pans that are nice and heavy)
  • Some canned foods or something else heavy to help “press” your sandwich


  • Assemble your sandwich in the ratios you like (I usually use 3-4 slices of ham, a slice or two of cheese, and about 4-5 pickle chips, and put the mayo and mustard on both slices of bread personally).
  • Heat up your pan and grease it
  • Put your assembled sandwich in the pan, put a plate or second pot/pan/whatever on top of it, and put some weight on top of that to press your sandwich down
  • After a minute or two, carefully remove the weight and press (if you used a plate you might want to use tongs or a pot holder - it will be hot), and flip the sandwich in the pan
  • Replace your make-shift press, and let it toast for another minute
  • Enjoy your nice crispy sandwich (and rejoice at having a hot meal without making lots of dirty dishes to clean)

April 22, 2014


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