January 8, 2012
They Actually Said the BBC’s Sherlock Character Has Asperger’s!

And I’m not talking about someone involved in production mentioning it in an interview (though that’s happened too), I mean that characters in the show honest-to-FSM mentioned him being on the spectrum. And it was a gloriously subtle, just-another-aspect-of-his-character mention. Just a, “He probably appreciates this situation, given his…his…*gosh-it’s-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue-what’s-that-word? face*” “Asperger’s?” “Yeah.” I missed it the first time around (thanks mostly to a shitty stream), it was such a small moment.

The fact that Sherlock (this incarnation and the original) is on the spectrum isn’t exactly news to people who are familiar with the symptoms, but I’m still thrilled that they actually said it out loud in-universe. I have never seen a TV character who was blatantly acknowledged as autistic without being The Autistic Person. There are characters out in mainstream media (even title characters, some of them) who obviously do fall somewhere on the spectrum, but for it to be said aloud or acknowledged in any way other than their symptoms is a once-in-a-blue-moon sorta thing.

And they just casually brought it up as an already-known thing because it’s so fucking obvious that he’s neurodivergent! It’s ridiculous that this is a big enough deal to make me happy, but fuck it, I’ll take my warm fuzzies where I can find ‘em.

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    don’t have real TV so...just now saw Series 2 now...excited...
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    And I’m not talking...someone involved in production mentioning it in an interview (though...
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    BONES! Totally on the spectrum as well.
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    I can think of a lot characters in American television shows who come off as being on the spectrum but like the above...
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    ^^What the above said. It’s in no way an official diagnosis, although I do appreciate the sentiment expressed by the OP....
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